Customized furniture

Customized furniture – interior construction with personality

A special centrepiece of our craftsmanship range on offer (wooden interior construction) from the hands of master-craftsmen is the production of customized items of furniture made to measure.

Jointly with our customers we plan the new item of furniture down to the smallest detail. We make suggestions as to the possible materials and give advice on the matching colours. The visualization of our planning is then carried out digitally on the computer.

In the case of interior construction, we design customized fitted cupboards, under stairs cupboards, entire kitchens or individual dining area solutions, bathroom furniture, wine racks, cosy sleeping places or practical office furnishings and equipment. Naturally there are no limits to the ideas regarding interior construction with wood and a lot more is possible. We use types of wood from all over the world as far as the most modern and innovative materials. Whether solid wood, real wood veneer, coated with melamine resin, HPL laminates, matte or high-gloss paintwork, metal coatings, concrete, glass, mineral composites as well as other exclusive materials. And, also in the case of the fittings, we always take care to ensure the best and durable quality.

Every house and every room have their specific basic conditions, every owner usually has his/her own definite ideas regarding style and design. We base our work on your personal wishes. Our furniture often produces a surprisingly large amount of stowage space where you did not expect it. We directly incorporate good durability and high quality. We implement colour wishes with paintwork, glazes or other colour application methods to match the ambiance. On request we can even mill whole lettering, names or logos into your furniture. It cannot be more customized than that. And in that way, it is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher.

Interior construction firms like us – Tischlerei Klammer – also always offer the customized planning as part of the appropriate service. We take your personal wishes into consideration in the interior construction, examine the structural situation on the spot and carry out the on-site measurement professionally.

Once your customized furniture has been perfectly planned down to the last detail and your decision in favour of it has been finally made, in the next step we produce your very own unique item and assemble it reliably and properly in your home.